Thanks for your interest in joining the Robertson County Chamber of Commerce. By completing the following application, it is mutually agreed that your membership will be continuous until cancelled in writing.

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Business: One FTE: $160.00
Business Membership: 1 Full-Time Employee: Includes real estate agents, real estate brokers, elected officials, government services and individual membership
Business:2-5FTE: $225.00
Business Membership: 2-5 Full-Time Employees
Business:6-10 FTE: $300.00
Business Membership: 6-10 Full-Time Employees
Business:11-25 FTE: $365.00
Business Membership: 11-25 Full-Time Employees
Business:26-100 FTE: $475.00
Business Membership: 26-100 Full-Time Employees
Business: 101-500 FTE: $585.00
Business Membership: 101-500 Full-Time Employees
Business:501-2500 FTE: $1,000.00
Business Membership: 501-2500 Full-Time Employees
Business:Over 2500 FTE: $1,925.00
Business Membership: Over 2500 Full-Time Employees
Banks: $1,675.00
Banks/Financial Institutions
NP: $110.00
Non-Profit & Civic Organizations
Utilities: $775.00
Business Membership: Utilities
Tourist: $97.00
Tourist Attractions
Individual:Elected Official: $160.00
Individual Member: Elected Official
Individual:NB: $160.00
Individual Member: Non-Business
Individual:GS: $160.00
Individual Member: Government Agent or Entity
Individual:Retired: $75.00
Individual Member: Retired
Individual:Educator: $20.00
Individual Member: Robertson County Educator
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